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AM-Prep: Kickers

July 5, 2018


BERLIN (AP) — When taxis fly? Don’t know when that will happen — but when and if they do, some lawmakers in Germany say they want to be ready. Officials in Munich say they’d like to see the city’s main train station have a landing pad for flying taxis. Five city council members from the Christian Social Union party submitted a motion yesterday calling on a rail company to consider space for the flying taxis when it redesigns the station. So how before flying taxis become a “thing?” The lawmakers say “it’s to be expected that within a few years” flying taxies will be available as a means of getting about.


TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Dog gone. Dog back. A pug named Guido is back home more than a month after his owner’s car was stolen — with him inside. Authorities in Florida say Donald Murray’s car was swiped May 29. The car was later found abandoned behind a grocery store — and a worker at a dry-cleaning joint found Guido wandering nearby. A co-worker took Guido home and cared for him. In time, an anonymous tip came into the sheriff’s office in Hillsborough County — and that led to Guido and Murray being reunited. The temporary owners say they’re sad to see Guido go — but glad he’s back with his family again.


HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (AP) — Road gators — that’s what some drivers call remnants of blown-out tires that end up scattered on a stretch of highway. But last week, authorities in South Carolina had a real, live road gator to deal with. Deputies in Beaufort County had to divert traffic after an 8-foot gator was seen walking around near a road project on Hilton Head Island. The scene attracted a large number of bystanders, many of whom posted images of the incident on social media. The gator seemed in no hurry to cross; police say it rested for several minutes on the warm pavement before finally crossing the road into some woods near a pond. No one was hurt.


BERLIN (AP) — Much of northeast Germany has been suffering from a persistent lack of rain the past two months. And the problem was made worse by a freak incident involving a bird. Police in the Baltic Sea port city of Rostock say a bird touched a live railway power line — and fell to the ground in flames. The burning bird landed on a rain-starved field, setting some 17 acres of land ablaze. At the peak of the inferno, more than 50 firefighters were dispatched to douse the flames.

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