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Major Events in US-China Relations

October 29, 1997

A chronology of major events in U.S.-Chinese relations since 1972.

_Feb. 21-28, 1972: President Nixon visits China, with a joint U.S.-Chinese communique released in Shanghai Feb. 27.

_Feb. 22, 1973: The two countries announce establishment of liaison offices.

_Dec. 1-5, 1975: President Ford visits China.

_Dec. 15, 1978: The two countries simultaneously issue a joint communique calling for establishment of diplomatic relations. The communique says the two countries fully recognize each other and would formally set up diplomatic relations Jan. 1, 1979. The communique also announces that the two nations would exchange ambassadors and open embassies on March 1, 1979.

_Jan. 1, 1979: China and the United States officially establish diplomatic relations.

_Jan. 28-Feb. 5, 1979: Deputy Premier Deng Xiaoping and his wife pay an official visit to the United States at the invitation of President Carter.

_March 1, 1979: The United States and Taiwan close their embassies.

_April 10, 1979: Carter signs the Taiwan Relations Act.

_Dec. 31, 1979: The United States terminates the U.S.-Taiwan Mutual Defense Treaty signed in 1954.

_Aug. 17, 1982: China and the United States issue a communique on gradually reducing and finally resolving the issue of U.S. arms sales to Taiwan.

_Jan. 10-16, 1984: Premier Zhao Ziyang visits the United States.

_April 26-May 1, 1984: President Reagan visits China.

_July 21-31, 1985: President Li Xiannian visits the United States.

_Feb. 24-27, 1989: President Bush visits China.

_June 4, 1989: The Chinese government puts down pro-democracy demonstrations in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Many of the demonstrators are believed to have been killed or injured.

June, 1989: The Bush administration imposed a series of sanctions against China in the wake of Tiananmen Square, including high-level visits of a ceremonial nature and military cooperation. Many of the sanctions imposed at the time have since been rescinded.

_Oct. 2, 1989: Foreign Minister Qian Qichen offers four suggestions for improving U.S.-Chinese relations.

_Nov. 19, 1993: President Jiang Zemin meets with President Clinton in Seattle during an informal meeting of Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders.

_May 26, 1994: Clinton announces extension of most-favored-nation treatment for China, along with a decision to separate MFN from human rights issues.

_Nov. 14, 1994: Jiang and Clinton met in Indonesia during an informal meeting of APEC leaders.

_Oct. 24, 1995: Jiang meets with Clinton while attending activities marking the United Nations 50th anniversary.

_Nov. 24, 1996: Jiang confers with Clinton in the Philippines during an informal meeting of APEC leaders.

_March 24-28, 1997: Vice President Al Gore visits China.

_May 19, 1997: Clinton announces extension of China’s MFN status for another year.

_Oct. 26, 1997: Jiang begins a state visit to the United States.

Sources: The Chinese Embassy Web page and Facts on File.

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