LeBron grades Trump: Darcy cartoon

August 2, 2018

LeBron grades Trump: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- LeBron James took President Trump to school for making racism more acceptable and using sports to divide America.

In interviews for the opening of a new Akron public grade school established by The LeBron James Family Foundation, James gives Trump an “F” in sportsmanship.   Trump has earned an “A” for obstruction, however.

“What I’ve noticed over the last few months, he’s kind of used sport to kind of divide us.  And that’s something that I can’t relate to, because I know that sport was the first time I was ever around someone white, James told CNN’s  Don Lemon.    “I got an opportunity to see them and learn about them, and they got an opportunity to learn about me and we became very good friends.  I was like wow, this is all because of sports.”

James told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols,“Sports --it stops race.  Every race comes together for one common goal, and that’s to win and to have fun and to have camaraderie.   For someone or a body of parties to try to divide us by using our platform of sport- sport has given me everything that I’ve ever asked for, so I couldn’t let that happen.”

Trump opens the door for racism

In his interview on CNN James said, “We are in a position right now in America where this race thing has taken over.   It’s always been there but the president in charge has given people...they don’t care, they throw it in your face.

The gate of James’ Los Angeles home was spray painted with racial slurs in 2016.

“No matter how big you become, no matter how successful you are, no matter what you do in the community or what you do in your profession, being African-American in America is always tough.,” James said after the incident.  “They are always going to let you know that you are the N-word, no matter who you are.  That was just a reset.

LeBron James inspired by Trayvon Martin

James talked about what inspired him not to just shut up and dribble when it came to social justice issues.

“It starts with Trayvon Martin situation and the reason it starts with that, I believe, is having kids of my own, boys of my own, it hit home for me to see and to hear the story.  To think if my boy left home and he never returned- that hit a switch for me.  From that point on, I knew my voice and my platform had to be used for more than just sports.  I can’t sit back and not say nothing.”

Trump traumatizes kids while LeBron helps them triumph.

While Trump was busy separating thousands of innocent kids from their parents, and losing track of them, The LeBron James Family Foundation was busy preparing the opening of a grade school for at-risk kids in Akron, Ohio.

On twitter, James called the opening of the “I Promise” school “one of the greatest moments (if not the greatest) of my life.

Bernie Sanders Elementary?

The name of the school comes from the foundation’s mission to help students who promise to go to school, do their homework, respect others, listen to teachers, be inquisitive  and live healthy lives.

I Promise will provide free tuition, free uniforms, free bicycles and helmets, free transportation within two miles, free breakfast,lunch and snacks, a food pantry for families, GED and job placement services for parents and guaranteed tuition to the University of Akron for every student who graduates.    Sounds like it could also be named Bernie Sanders Elementary

“We are going to be that groundbreaking school that will be a national recognized model for urban and public school excellence.  We are letting people know it is about true wrap-around support, true family integration and true compassion,” said the new school’s principal Brandi Davis.

While I don’t know if James will win another NBA Championship with the Lakers, I do know that its a safe bet that a diploma from LeBron’s  I Promise school will be worth more than one from Trump University.

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