MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ President Joseph Estrada on Thursday donated his salary for one year to a fund for victims of the Philippines typhoons.

Estrada gave $15,000, the equivalent of his yearly presidential salary, to start off a fund-raising campaign, and asked other Filipinos to help.

Two Chinese-Filipino associations immediately donated $75,000, the presidential palace said.

Estrada also ordered officials of the government-run national sweepstakes office to set up six special lotteries and donate the proceeds to victims of the four typhoons that have ravaged the country since September.

The storms left at least 370 people dead, more than 200,000 others homeless and millions of dollars worth of crops and property destroyed.

On Wednesday, the Philippine Red Cross sought help from its international counterparts for the victims. The international Red Cross said it is launching an appeal for $2.2 million ``in urgent humanitarian assistance.''

The last time the Philippine Red Cross sought international help was in 1995, when Typhoon Angela devastated the northern Philippines. It also requested help following the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in June 1991.