Aroma Park trustee pays village

November 19, 2018

AROMA PARK — An Aroma Park official has paid the village for the services of two village workers on his private property, a project that sparked a controversy.

This week, the village released an invoice marked as paid for the use of its workers to remove a sewer tank from Trustee Jon Sirois’ property. The invoice, dated Nov. 6, was paid a week later.

According to the invoice, Sirois was charged $615, consisting of $460 for seven hours of labor and the use of a backhoe, $30 for parts and $125 for a company to pump the tank.

Before the project took place a few weeks ago, the village trustees voted 5-0 in favor of workers going on Sirois’ property, with Sirois himself abstaining from the vote. According to meeting minutes, Mayor Brian Stump said Sirois would take care of whatever costs resulted from the work.

In a previous interview, the mayor said the village has removed tanks from private property before. He said the village sells the tanks it digs up.

The village runs a hybrid system that involves septic tanks and disposal of wastewater at the regional sewage plant in Kankakee. Years ago, tanks were installed throughout the village when it built the system. The village says it owns the tanks.

Last month, Aroma Park took heat on social media for working on Sirois’ property, with some suggesting the trustee got a leg up over other residents.

Former Mayor Linda Fowler, who served from 2013 to 2017, said in an interview at the time that it didn’t look good for village workers to be undertaking a project on private property, whether it was legal or not. She took photos of the project while it was in progress.

Sirois’ property has no house in it, so the trustee asked the village to terminate sewer service and remove its tank from his property.

Sirois has not returned a message for comment.

Aroma Park, population 800, is southeast of Kankakee.

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