Flawed father showed real integrity -- Dan Knox

December 23, 2018

For some reason, the latest underhanded dealings of the outgoing Republican governor made me think of my father.

He was raised in Eagle River during the Depression. His father used the garden, lakes and woods to feed his nine children. Dad became a World War II vet and an alcoholic car salesman.

The main provider, he mostly supported us through repeat business. He became known as an honest man who wouldn’t give his word without knowing he could keep it. Being raised in want and hardship, he was compassionate toward those with less, always seeking to help.

I compare him with the coiffed hair, three-piece suit, and wingtip wearing Wisconsin Republican caucus, and I find their characters wanting. My dad wasn’t patted on the head and told all his youth what a bright and wonderful boy he was. So he didn’t become a spoiled brat of a man, feeling superior to those not like him, unless richer.

I am sure that when the conservative mind read “alcoholic car salesman,” they thought, “what a untrustworthy loser,” and looked down on him. But based on integrity, honesty and personal honor, he would never in his life have looked up to them.

Dan Knox, Albany

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