Homosexuality isn’t cause of abuse -- Greg and Barb Sheehy

September 1, 2018

We have read Bishop Robert Morlino’s letter to the faithful and follow up statement regarding the sex abuse crisis. Both documents leave us with a sense of despair. When will Catholic leaders finally accept responsibility for this crisis and the ongoing cover-up? Homosexuality is not the cause of this awful situation.

Societal statistics are very clear: abuse of girls and women is far more frequent than that of boys or men, and heterosexual males are often the perpetrators.

One factor, not mentioned by the bishop, is the rigid male hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Does anyone really believe this crisis would have happened had women been in positions of authority in the Church?

Morlino also conveniently avoids mentioning celibacy, a forced requirement of the priesthood. Celibacy did not cause this crisis, but it does carry risk. Men who are confused about sexuality, including their own, are sometimes drawn to the priesthood. We have known many wonderful priests but we have also known a few who either should leave.

Bishop Morlino should acknowledge that we are all one human family, gay or straight. Instead of endorsing unverified attacks on Pope Francis, please adopt a more humble, servant attitude.

Greg and Barb Sheehy, Middleton

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