ATHENS, Greece (AP) _ Five Kurdish immigrants from Iraq were killed Sunday and 16 were injured when they entered a minefield after illegally crossing over the border from Turkey, police said.

The group of 35 strayed into the minefield near the Kipi border post after crossing marshland and the Evros River _ known as the Meric River in Turkey _ which separates the two countries.

The injured, some listed in critical condition, were hospitalized in the nearby port city of Alexandroupolis. The others were held in police custody.

Tens of thousands of immigrants, mostly Iraqi Kurds, enter Greece illegally from Turkey each year, sneaking over the Evros or sailing to Greek islands facing Turkey's coastline.

Greece has designated mine fields along its northeastern border with rival Turkey. The two neighbors have come close to war three times in the last 25 years over territorial disputes and the war-divided island of Cyprus.