NEW YORK (AP) _ Luciano Pavarotti was resting at home Monday after experiencing a dizzy spell during a performance at the Metropolitan Opera over the weekend.

Pavarotti, 62, had a sudden spike in his blood pressure Sunday while singing the final number in the first act of Verdi's ``Luisa Miller,'' said his manager, Herbert Breslin.

Pavarotti's voice faded a bit, but he appeared to have regained his strength by the end of the piece.

Joseph Volpe, general manager of the Met, told the audience that Pavarotti had ``experienced an episode of light-headedness.''

``He feels he can continue,'' Volpe said. ``I will not allow it.''

By the time Pavarotti reached his New York apartment, his blood pressure was normal, Breslin said.

Pavarotti was scheduled to sing in ``The Elixir of Love'' on Thursday.