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President Trump Mocks Former Navy SEAL; Chicago Mourns for an Officer’s Death; Too Late the Hero for Facebook; Possible Flash Floods

November 20, 2018



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<Head: President Trump Mocks Former Navy SEAL; Chicago Mourns for an

Officer’s Death; Too Late the Hero for Facebook; Possible Flash Floods

on the Watch in California; A Man Brutally Murdered his Whole Family.

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TRUMP: We also have a great ally Saudi Arabia, they give us a lot of jobs and they give us a lot of business, a lot of economic development.

MARQUARDT: Republicans in Congress are splitting from the president. Many believe there is no doubt that MBS was behind it and want to hold them to account.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think the evidence is overwhelming that the crown prince was involved.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, (R), SOUTH CAROLINA: I believe from day one that 15 people 18. Whatever the number was they don’t get onto airplanes go to Turkey and chop a guy in the consulate who is a critic of the Crown Prince without the crown prince having known about it and sanctioned it.

MARQUARDT: In this morning MBS’s father, King Salman spoke publicly for the first time since Jamal Khashoggi death, as the crown prince listened and the audience became heaped praise on him and never directly address the murder or mentioned Khashoggi by name.

Now the U.S. has taken some action in response to the killing of Khashoggi. They have imposed sanctions on 17 Saudis accused of being behind that horrific murder, as well as the stopping of the refueling of Saudi planes in the war in Yemen, while also calling for a cease- fire, but for many lawmakers, Democrats and Republicans alike. That’s not enough, and they fear that with Trump again seeming to not believe the intelligence community that he’s not ready to go any farther. Alex Marquardt, CNN, Washington.


FOSTER: Now a talk on cease-fire does not seem to stop the fighting in Yemen. The Saudi-back government has agreed to take part in a new round of U.N. sponsored peace talks. So how about Iran back Houthi rebels. If all goes well that could happen in the coming weeks or may not be well if Houthi aligns. News agency says there was fighting in these two promises on Monday. Separately, the Saudi King has told his country’s advisory body that he support the political solution in Yemen, but demand the international community reigning Iran. CNN’s Bed Wedeman, has a look now as a potential peace in Yemen and why Jamal Khashoggi murder could be a factor in that.


BEN WEDEMAN, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: It is a slight glimmer of hope for a country ravaged by war, disease and hunger. Monday the Houthi rebels declared that they will halt their missile and drone strikes on Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and their Yemeni allies. This comes after the Saudi led coalition declared it was halting its military operations in and around the Houthi held port of Hodeida through much of the country’s food and goods past.

[03:35:10] The Yemeni war is seen as the brainchild of 33-year-old Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and that war has left thousands dead and the country’s population threatened by starvation and disease. Now, United Nations special envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths is hoping to be able to resume peace talks with the warring parties. Those talks are set to resume sometime before the end of the year in Sweden.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is suspended in air refueling of Saudi aircraft over Yemen and Germany has declared its halting all arms sales to the kingdom and is also slapped the travel ban on 18 Saudi suspected of involvement in the murder of Khashoggi. Old friends of the kingdom aren’t quite as friendly as they once were, Ben Wedeman, CNN, Beirut.


FOSTER: It is where things stand right now in the Yemen conflict for you then. Everything you see here in red is held by the Houthi rebels, including the capital Sanaa and the critical part of Hodeida. Saudi backed German forces control for more territory. Everything you see in blue and as you heard, Ben say there are that the besieging Hodeida currently.

Since the war in Yemen began three a half years ago. Some 66,000 people have been killed or injured, the lack of food and functioning health facilities also are taking severe tolls on the population. World Health Organization says more than 22 million people need help in an also suffering under severe outbreak of cholera with more than 10,000 suspected new cases reported each week. Well the situation in Yemen is absolutely dire for so many people as you can imagine, but if you’d like to help famine victims there, you can link to various organizations through our website. Just look at Yemen under cnnimpactyourworld.

Despite crisis after crisis, Britain’s Prime Minister vows to keep fighting for her Brexit plan. Ahead, what Theresa May is facing in the coming days from the cabinet and from her parliament and one of the titans in the automotive industry has been placed under arrest, details of the crimes that may sound says is Chairman committed, coming up.


FOSTER: Just in to CNN, the leader of Yemen’s Houthi rebels is dismissing a new U.N. Security Council draft resolution as disappointing. Mohammed Ali Houthis says peace talks were work by binding resolution of the American and Saudis are watching down the language. The U.K. has been pushing a Yemen cease-fire deal at the U.N. Security Council. Houthi says he holds the Security Council responsible for continued aggression on there have been no pause in the fighting.

Now one of the highest auto executives in the world will soon be out of a job. Nissan accuses its chairman Carlos Ghosn of what it calls significant financial wrongdoing. He and another top executive are arrested on Monday. Prosecutors say he made nearly $90 million and only half and he reported half of that. Ghosn heads up the auto alliance that includes Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi all of which took its almost walked on a Monday.

Let us take a look at the fallout, Ana Stewart joins us now, extraordinary for from grace if it all turns out to be true because this is you know, Ghosn, he is a living legend, not just in the car industry but in industry generally.

ANNA STEWART, CNN PRODUCER: He’s the linchpin, he turned around to failing car companies, Renault and Nissan and turn them into extraordinarily successful companies. Probably the most successful car alliance in the world. And he is really well respected in the industry. This was shocking and actually yesterday that press conference at the Nissan, he’s work on for many, many years. It was really emotional, he said, he thought what that meant shock, humiliation. You know it was tangible how shock everyone in the room was. And yes, they all analyst around the world.

FOSTER: How much is the actual charges? Would you know he’s been arrested now?

STEWART: It is not confirmed by Japanese prosecutors. Arrested by the other director at Nissan in collaboration they underreported the Carlos Ghosn salary by over 40 million dollars. In addition to that from the internal investigation in Nissan, we know there were numerous significant acts of misconduct which included using business assets for personal use.

FOSTER: Has he had a chance to dispute it?

STEWART: We haven’t heard from him because he’s in jail. Now, what happens next, is once he’s indicted, he can ask for bail, but they can keep him for 10 days before being indicted and they can extend that by another 10 days. We don’t yet know maximum penalty, just for the misreporting of the financial report, is up to 10 years in jail time and up to 90,000 dollars.

FOSTER: So many questions arise. At least why he would do it if indeed he did it when he’s paid so handsomely.

STEWART: tens of millions of dollars Max.

FOSTER: Away from that, he’s an absolute success story, what he’s done with the company is remarkable and going to be a huge amount of concern for people that work in the companies. Even customers of those companies about what happens to the organization?

STEWART: Well, he’s overseen an alliance that has almost half billion employees. Just imagine that. This is huge. Three companies needs to decide what to do next. We just had from the French government, they’re major stake holder of Renault, he is actually CEO as well as chairman. They said they need an interim leader now. Obviously cannot lead the company as is. But all this board needs to decide what to go going forward. Nissan CEO says yesterday, he is proposing hid remove as chairman from Nissan. That whole meeting doesn’t happen until Thursday. Mitsubishi, Renault board meets later this evening.

FOSTER: In terms after share prices, not much chance to react, but there has been a reaction?

STEWART: There has, I mean yesterday this opens after the Japanese stocks closed. Yesterday we had a reaction from Renault, one said it was down 15 percent. And since then of course, Nissan, Mitsubishi open overnight for us both down significantly up to 6 percent down.

FOSTER: In terms of the legal process, what happens there, are we likely to hear from him directly or will it be through his lawyers?

STEWART: I think at this stage, I think it will through his lawyers, I hope we get a statement from him to try to get his side, because it is very hard, he’s an industry titan. We interviewed him from CNN a million times. It would be nice to hear his side of the story, but it is a very damning report from Nissan.

FOSTER: It does show as well what sort of structures work within the industry, because three massive empires entirely dependent -- not entirely dependent, largely dependent on one man, particularly when he helped build them or rebuild them.

STEWART: It is the issue of corporate governance. And the Nissan CEO actually said in the press conference yesterday that too much power was concentrated in just one pair of hands, very capable pair of hands when in terms of industry, but corporate governments certainly in question here.

[03:45:03] FOSTER: Ana, thank you, we will be back with you when we hear from either side involve there. In about an hour meanwhile, the British Prime Minister will hold her first cabinet meeting since last week’s emergency session on the draft Brexit deal. Theresa May spoke to Britain’s business lobby on Monday and vowed to fight for the deal, even though members of her own Party are trying oust her.

Meanwhile the government pass, publish economic forecast, for the Brexit scenarios, the draft deal and the free-trade agreement and the no-deal scenario. CNN’s Bianca Nobilo is at 10 Downing Street joining me now with the latest in the cold there, trying to work out how to explain all of this to the wider world. But what matters about today? What are you looking for?

BIANCA NOBILO, CNN PRODUCER: Well, I think paramount importance, this is something that happened last night. Bear with me, because our international viewers are probably aware that the government at the moment is propped up by the Democratic Unionist Party. So, when Theresa May lost her majority at the last election in 2017, in order to function as a government, she struck a confidence supply deal with the DUP and she relies on those 10 M.P.’s to get any kind of business through government. That essential vote, the most fundamental thing such as the budget.

Now last night, because the DUP aren’t happy with the way the Prime Minister is handling Brexit and specifically the matters relating to Northern Ireland in her Brexit plan, they actually abstained and then voted with the opposition party. Now why is this significant? It is significant, because it shows that this confidence in the supply arrangement, the way that the British government is currently functioning is falling apart at the seams.

And the DUP had said that they’re not in the mood to play ball essentially if the Prime Minister is not going to do the same and respect the integrity of the United Kingdom. They feel they’re being treated differently in these draft Brexit deal. Now, the next thing that is important today as you mentioned, the Prime Minister’s new cabinet with some fresh faces and some familiar faces meeting for the first time behind me this morning. This is the cabinet that is supposed to make sure that Brexit is executed in the way the Prime Minister wants it to, but it is still rife with division.

So even though she had a new Brexit secretary, somebody who did vote leave, he is considered to be not a particularly influential character in these negotiations. He is going to focusing more on no deal planning and domestic preparations for Brexit. He still has to manage these divisions, Max, because over the weekend her chief Brexiteers in cabinet met to discuss how they could still change the Prime Minister’s draft deal. And this is a critical week for her. She is going back to Brussels to try and finally get the rubber stamp on this draft Brexit text which has taken so long to negotiate Max. So, load it safe for a moment. The way -- yes, go ahead.

FOSTER: The specific part of the deal, they want to change is about the Northern Ireland backstop, right?

NOBILO: Yes, most of the issues that Brexiteers and the DUP have what Theresa May’s draft Brexit deal revolve around this issue on how to avoid hard border in Northern Ireland. In its current form, the way that would be done, would be that the entire U.K. would stay in customs union with the E.U. until another solution can be found or there would be an extension of the transition period, something which Brexiteers don’t want to see happen at all. In fact, in that draft Brexit text which the Prime Minister has presented to her cabinet, it said the transition could be extended to 20x while seeing that would strikes fear into the heart of Brexiteers who are worried that Brexit will keep being delayed. So it is this issue of how to avoid the hard border in Northern Ireland which continues to be the main sticking point, not just for the Prime Minister Brexit fund, but now indeed for the very functioning of her government.

FOSTER: Long day ahead for the Prime Minister and Bianca. Thank you very much for joining us from Downing Street. U.S. President Donald Trump comments about preventing forest fires has spark a new social media circus. Posting of plans to rake America great again. How that is supposed to work, just ahead.


FOSTER: Some video here. A hot air balloon accident in Myanmar. It is from the opening night of the festival for hot air balloons and fireworks competitions. The balloon flight started out well. But it suddenly became engulf in flames and plunged into the ground, shooting sparks in every direction. As you can see. CNN affiliate Sky net said no one was killed, but some people were injured, which is amazing escape.

Some scary images from Guatemala where the Mount Fuego volcano is erupting. For thousands people who live near the volcano, being evacuated, Mount Fuego is one of the world’s most active volcano. This is the fifth eruption just this year. The President of Finland says he doesn’t recall discussing raking forest to prevent fires when he met U.S. president Donald Trump. Mr. Trump told a completely different stories and here’s Phil Black with the story.


PHIL BLACK, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Even in these divided times, we could usually all agree, you shouldn’t make jokes about wildfires. Then Donald Trump stood amid the destruction in California and offered a theory on how it all happened. Well, not his theory, he said.

TRUMP: I was with the President of Finland. And he said we have -- we have a much different, we’re a forest nation. He called it a forest nation and they spend a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things. They don’t have any problem. When it is, it is a small problem.

BLACK: The citizens quickly answered the call to rake America great again. Spreading the message on social media, #RAGA, #rakenews. This Alaskans got to worked in their pajamas. This rake was seen keeping South Dakota safe. The iconic painting American gothic was touched up. And America’s fire prevention mascot Smokey the bear, put down his shovel and picked up a rake. Meanwhile in Finland --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have the rake. It is mandatory in Finland. We have to rake two hours per day. But we got the greatest rakes in the world.

[03:55:07] BLACK: Finns enthusiastically joined in, proudly and ironically showing off their fire hazard reduction equipment. So many rakes. This lady said she takes a break from raking by preparing lunch on her rake. President Trump is right on a couple of points, most of Finland, 86 percent of it is covered by forest. And Finnish President seen here offering aid to the United States said they did speak about California recently, but the Finnish head of state said, he never mentioned rakes. He said fires are prevented in his country with a good monitoring system. Some other Finns suggested mockingly, yet another reason why their homeland, a good part of which sits within the Arctic Circle may not be the best point of comparison for California.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It doesn’t have to do with our climate. No. Although it rains like hell. We have to rake.

BLACK: Some hot dry climates, they manage the build-up of leaves and potential fuel on the ground because it can help prevent fires starting and spreading, but in the worst case conditions like northern California, it is high temperatures and powerful winds that drive flames forward at incredible speed. Across vast distances creating fire storms that consume everything before them. Phil Black, CNN.


FOSTER: With the story on raking America great again. Thanks for joining us, I’m Max Foster. Early Start is next for viewers in the U.S. Like everybody else, stay tuned for more news with Kristi Lu Stout, you are watching CNN.

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(High: President Trump is again going after a former navy SEAL, mocking him for not catching Osama bin Laden earlier than they did, and now he is getting left and right criticism for insulting the well- respected admiral; a man in Chicago had killed three people including a police officer who responded the shooting in Mercy hospital; Facebook is now under fire for not being able to stop the selling of a young girl through their platform in South Sudan. The deal was already been made when they took down the account; almost 70 percent of the fires in California have now been contained, with 82 people as the latest death toll, and now firefighters in California are facing a new threat amid a coming heavy rain in the forecast that could bring flashfloods to the devastated areas; a married man in Colorado has an affair with other woman and decided to brutally kill his pregnant wife and two young daughters)

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