Myrna Lieberman: GOP needs to find its spine

December 29, 2018

Editor: Republicans continue to fall into the trap of the Progressive left, which caricatures the Arizona Republican party, its members and voters as racists. David Stringer, a state representative from Prescott, easily won re-election in his district on Nov. 6 despite the venomous attacks by the Republican establishment in the hope of getting him to resign from his campaign as well as his position.

Mr. Stringer is a bold conservative Republican who did something that the majority of Republicans will not do because they are cowards. He walked into a lion’s den of university students who are not open to any alternative way of thinking about anyone who isn’t a leftist. White males, Republicans and conservatives are their targets.

Mr. Stringer, under pressure from the Arizona Speaker of the House-elect Rusty Bowers of District 25, resigned his position as chair of the Sentencing and Recidivism Reform Committee.

Despite Bowers’ decades-long record of opposing LGBTQ rights and supporting conversion therapy, why aren’t you and the rest of the Republicans asking him to resign? Is it because he is not a conservative? The establishment GOP had no problem with former Democrat candidate for governor David Garcia’s statement, “For this state to really reach its promise, for this state to be fully represented by the people of Arizona, somebody with my last name needs to win.” Here is identity politics or racism being used as a way to win an election.

Republicans have no qualms attacking fellow GOP members but are absent when it comes to Democrat wrong-doing. The Arizona Republican Party needs to find its spine.

Myrna Lieberman


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