Honest and unfiltered art

April 7, 2019

MICHIGAN CITY — The Michigan City Public Library hosted a Family Zine-making Workshop on Saturday ahead of their Zine and Small Press Fest.

The works created from those who attended the workshop will be on display during the Zine and Small Press Fest that will be held later this month. The festival will be held on April 27 from 1 to 5 p.m. and will be completely free to attend.

“The idea behind this workshop is that it introduces a younger audience to zines,” said Jillian Bridgeman, Education Coordinator for the Lubeznik Center for the Arts. “It’s in promotion to — hopefully — get some works from these younger people to show alongside our other zines by more experienced artists.”

The youth art will be displayed throughout the Lubeznik Center for the Arts in Michigan City during the Zine and Small Press Fest. The event is expecting to have around 30 different tables with multiple artists and vendors.

Local art enthusiasts are encouraged to come and enjoy the numerous works of art at no cost.

“The really great thing about it is that they are these free pieces of art,” Bridgeman noted.

Attendees will have the opportunity to seek out unique pieces that would never be found at a conventional art exhibition or retail store.

“It’s going against standard of high art,” Bridgeman said. “Zines are raw, hand made pieces that you wouldn’t necessarily see in the traditional art world. This type of honest and unfiltered art would be hard to find in a traditional white-space gallery.”

People normally come in to view the artwork, but may also buy and trade. Many zine artists and authors attend for networking purposes, creating a larger community of creativity.

“It’s like a collective exhibition of art,” said Bridgeman.

Lori Jackson, a local zine artist, has found success in self-publishing her works for events like these.

“I think now there is this ebb and flow of people publishing their own stuff,” Jackson said. “It’s kind of a revolt against the modern expectation of art and publishing.”

Jackson publishes her own zine at home, using a laser printer. This method is commonly used by zine artists and authors. It allows the art to be uncontrolled and uncensored.

Zines can also be collaborative pieces where many artists are incorporated together, oftentimes even within the same page.

“Sometimes I will just ask my friends to draw me something, or write me something for a zine that we do together,” explained Jackson.

This will provide Zine and Small Press Fest goers the opportunity to be exposed to a great deal of local artists in one space and without red-tape.

The event will also feature a poetry reading from 2 to 4 p.m. along with food and a cash bar.