Dave Peyton: Folks find happiness in many different ways

August 2, 2018

Time for a change.

Time to put aside icky politics for a different kind of column and thank Mother Nature for this year’s Queen Anne’s lace.

It’s beautiful this year. A warm, wet spring made July alive with the white lacy blooms on hillsides and roadsides.

When I see it, I think of my childhood days when my mother, and later my aunt, taught me how to perform miracles with the plant and food coloring.

You can do it too, or perhaps you did it as a wide-eyed child.

Take the Queen Annie’s lace with its long stem and put it in a glass of water in which you have placed a few drops of food coloring - red, blue, green, it doesn’t matter.

In a matter of hours, the white lacy flower will begin to turn the color of the food coloring, and the next morning, the coloring will be complete. The Queen Anne’s lace will remain that color until it eventually shrivels and dies. That’s the time to get some more Queen Anne’s lace and do the trick all over again.

I thought my mama was a genius and, after she died when I was 10, I asked my Aunt Jimmy (her name was Virginia but I called her Aunt Jimmy) to help me color Queen Anne’s lace like my mama did. She obliged happily.

Why did I like to color the white wildflowers? It made me happy. No other reason.

I was reminded of why we do lots of things when columnist Jim Ross, a longtime friend, wrote about plastic straws recently.

He noted that giving up plastic straws, which take eons to disintegrate, is not going to save the planet. They cause very little damage to the environment, especially in this area.

Then why are locals joining the bandwagon and going to paper straws? Why did I recently order $10 worth of paper straws from Amazon?

For some of us, using paper straws make us happy.

Why does Jim Ross spend much of his leisure time taking pictures of boats on the Ohio, school buses and scenes along Ohio 7? Simple. It makes him happy.

Why do I spend inordinate amounts of money feeding wild birds in my yard?

It makes me happy.

Everyone does something to make them happy.

Why does President Trump average one-and-a-half lies every day of his presidency? It’s obvious. It makes him happy.

And why do his fans overlook the lies and claim he is the most truthful president we have ever had?


We all seek happiness on our own way. When I was a child, happiness was coloring Queen Anne’s lace with my mother and Aunt Jimmy.

Today, part of my happiness is remembering those golden days.

Simple as that.

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