Havasu man charged after allegedly firing shotgun in city limits Friday

April 2, 2019

A Lake Havasu City man was charged after police said he fired a shotgun in city limits Friday afternoon.

John Arlay Ryan III was cited for allegedly firing a 16-guage shotgun twice into a trash bin at a gun store at Birch Square at 12:42 p.m., Friday.

According to the police report, an officer responded to the scene after dispatch reported someone saw a man exit the gun store and fire into a Dumpster. When an officer spoke to the manager of the store, he said the gun was fired into a “bang box.”

When police arrived, officers spoke to the owner, then the employee who was identified as Ryan. Ryan allegedly said he had fired a shotgun he was testing in the Dumpster a short time ago. Ryan said he had done it before and it hadn’t been an issue, according to the report.

In further questioning by officers, Ryan III said there is a “boom box” inside the business that guns are tested in but when shotguns are tested, it makes a mess. He said he “usually just comes out back and fires off a couple of rounds into the Dumpster to avoid the mess,” according to the report.

A witness to the incident said he heard two loud shots, looked over and saw a man wearing ear protection and a camo ball cap pulling a brown rifle out of the Dumpster and the man going inside the back door of the business.

An officer then photographed the shotgun, Dumpster and area near the trash bin to show the close proximity to nearby buildings.

Ryan III must appear in city magistrate court May 7.

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