Nebraska Cold Weather Rule in effect; Black Hills Energy, Northwestern Energy customers have extra days to pay

November 19, 2018

LINCOLN - Nebraskan’s struggling to pay their energy bills during the year’s coldest months will have an extra 30 days to pay as part of the Nebraska Public Service Commission’s cold weather rule.

Spokeswoman Debra Collins with the commission says the P.S.C implemented the cold weather rule when it was given regulatory authority over the state’s jurisdictional utilities in 2003.

“The cold weather rule applies to customers of the state’s jurisdictional utilities” says Collins, with those utilities being Black Hills Energy and Northwestern Energy.

“So from November 1st until through March 31, Black Hills and Northwestern may not shut off service to customers without allowing additional time to pay the bill beyond their normal billing date.”

Communities served by municipally owned natural gas utilities are unaffected by the rule.

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