By Light We Loom premieres new song ‘The First Goodbye’

October 1, 2018

By Light We Loom premieres new song ‘The First Goodbye’

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- By Light We Loom is premiering its first new song in two years today on cleveland.com. “The First Goodbye” is the Cleveland band’s first new material since 2016;s “Caught In The Tide” EP. But Shanna Delaney and husband Eric Ling say it’s a song the band has been sitting on for a while.

Listen to “The First Goodbye” below.

The song was inspired by a tragic event – the sudden death of Ling’s father a few years ago. After the unexpected death, Ling’s family went through his father’s things and found an old red book full of stories his father used to read to them as children.

“When we saw the book and started talking about the stories, it was one of the first times we were able to smile and remember the good times with him,” said Ling. “This was a book that hasn’t been touched in so long, but was chock full of the memories he used to tell, and the healing that it brought.”

The storybook reminded Ling of memories growing up with his father. While telling his children stories, Ling’s father would weave each of his children into the tales, transforming them into animal characters that went on dangerous adventures.

“The First Goodbye” is a song about Ling’s memories of his father, and how it helped him cope with his death.

“It’s about taking those memories and using that to say, ‘Hey, I love you dad, and we love what you gave us, this gift. We’re going to wait to say goodbye because we know we’re going to see you again someday,’” Ling said. “That’s the central theme.”

This storytelling aspect in “The First Goodbye” returns to the musicians’ roots. Before forming By Light We Loom in 2014, the duo performed in local folk band Bethesda for seven years.

While in Bethesda, Ling and Delaney toured around the country, playing big festivals like Bonnaroo and Bunbury.

After Bethesda broke up, By Light We Loom shifted into an indie-pop sound -- a stark difference from Bethesda’s rootsy rock vibe. However, By Light We Loom’s newest music focuses on storytelling in the same way Bethesda’s songs once did.

“We enjoy that it goes back to our roots as folk singers and folk songwriters, where the story is central to everything we do,” said Ling.

“The First Goodbye” is the first of three new singles By Light We Loom is putting out this year. Once all three singles are released, the band will release them all under one EP.

“We’ve been playing a lot of shows already anyway, and we don’t want to sit on it forever,” said Delaney. “People keep asking us about new music ... we just really wanted to get it out.”

The next time you can catch By Light We Loom live is at the Winchester Music Tavern on Saturday, Oct. 6, supporting Maura Rogers and The Bellows. Read more about the show.

By Light We Loom recently participated in an episode of The Cleveland Sessions, sponsored by Miller Lite. The video series showed the band performing two songs, “Clouds Will Cover Us” and “Caught In The Tide.” Ling (guitars, vocals) and Delaney (vocals, synthesizers) also talked about the band’s history and their work together in an interview filmed inside Loganberry Books. Watch the two videos below.

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