Trump Seeks To Promote U.S. Interests Above All

October 10, 2018

Editor: Donald Trump is the most incompetent president in the history of the United States. However, Trump is correct in condemning the ideology of globalism. His statement at the United Nations that “America will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance control and domination” is a realist strategy to insure U.S. sovereignty. Trump rejects many of the core tenets of the liberal international order that the U.S. and its allies built after World War II and have supported for over 70 years. He has sent the message that the U.S. will now look after its own interest not the interest of the so-called global community, even at the expense of alienating our allies. The Trump administration’s world view is fundamentally realist in nature. The U.S. does need its allies to share responsibility for their own defense. We do need better trade deals to level a playing field titled against American businesses and workers. He is telling supposed friends and allies that you will no longer play the U.S. for a sucker. His attacks on NATO are getting results; defense spending within the alliance has hit its highest point since 2010. For too long U.S. leaders and foreign policy liberals have been championing multilateralism, international institutes, and the rule of law as values in themselves, dismissing how they affect our national interest. Trump is not advocating a policy of isolationism. He wants our allies to take on greater responsibility for their sovereignty. The U.S. has had the longstanding strategy of playing the world’s policeman. With the American era nearing an end we must reassess our engagement with the world. We are now living a more multipolar world with greater competition. Trump’s “America first” agenda is radical only in that it seeks to promote U.S. interests above all. Bill Sarnak HARDING

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