Wake County ending fees for most park activities

December 6, 2018

Wake County is making it easier to enjoy recreational programs at parks and preserves.

The county is eliminating fees for several activities, including boat rentals, wagon rides, special hikes and bird watching, starting Jan. 1.

While some of the dozens of park programs cost a few dollars to participate in, the fees can add up for those who want to try several programs or those in a large group.

Wake County Parks Director Chris Snow said he hopes this move eliminates financial barriers for those who want to take part.

“We had a wide variety of fees,” Snow said. “To just bring everything on one playing field, we’re doing away with the fees.”

There are a few exceptions to the new rule. Camps, shelter rentals, lodge reservations and historic tours will still cost money. Parks are no longer accepting cash.

About 385,000 people have already visited the 10 parks and nature preserves in Wake County this year.

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