Nursing home starts fundraiser to send 100-year-old man to Yankees game

February 27, 2019
Milton "Milt" Capps

Community members are trying to raise money to get a Johnston County man to New York to watch the Yankees play for his 100th birthday.

Milton “Milt” Capps has been a Yankees fan since the 40s. He worked in farming and construction until he was 81 and hasn’t been able to travel much.

“I always said I wanted to go to Yankee stadium but I never got the opportunity,” said Capps. “I just feel great getting to go. I’ve never been nowhere much.”

Capps said he saw the Yankees play a couple of times in D.C. and Baltimore but never in New York.

Caretakers and workers at Smithfield Manor nursing facility on Berkshire Road decided they’d try to get him to Yankee Stadium for his 100th birthday in June. They’ve set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to help pay for flights, hotels and food. They would send a nurse, a nurse’s assistant and a friend with Capps.

“I’m happy they feel that much for me,” said Capps. “It makes you feel good.”

One of the workers at Smithfield Manor reached out to the Yankees to tell them about Capps. The team sent him a box with team gear. The same representative said they’d work with the caretaker to try to get Capps and his group tickets to a game. Capps has never flown before and said he’s very excited for air travel.