Too late for an obituary?

November 20, 2018

DEAR ANNIE: I have a work colleague whose married son died about six months ago of cancer. His son was in his 40s.

My friend is upset that his son’s wife never put an obituary in the newspaper. Seeing as it is still bothering him, I said he should put one in the paper himself. But he thinks it is too late now.

It seems as if more and more people are just posting funeral information on social media and not putting it in newspapers. I understand why he wants it in the newspaper, as it would create more of a permanent record of his son’s passing. Although, I realize that posting on social media is easier and gets to the appropriate audience. Your thoughts? Should he put it in the newspaper even six months later, or is it too late? — Are Obituaries Over?

DEAR ARE OBITUARIES OVER?: It’s never too late to honor our loved ones. Despite the ubiquity of social media, printing an obituary in the newspaper remains the best way to commit to record someone’s life when the person has passed on to the next. Additionally, according to a 2017 Nielsen Scarborough study, 69 percent of adults in the U.S. read the newspaper, so it’s an ideal medium for reaching the community. There most likely are some people who knew his son at one point but fell out of contact and would not otherwise know of his death. Encourage your friend to contact the local paper about submitting an obituary commemorating the life of his beloved son.

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