Stamford man charged with forgery for claiming to be dead person

December 31, 2018

STAMFORD — A homeless city man had a laugh with police last week after learning a fake name he was using would make him a ghost.

Police responding Friday to a public disturbance came across Paris Strickland. Although some officers knew Strickland, the 48-year-old insisted he was someone else with a different birth date.

Strickland, who was going by “James Inger” for several hours, was charged with forgery after police told him that signing documents attesting he was Inger would result in the charge.

The man’s fingerprints matched those on record for Strickland, Sgt. Robert Shawinsky said.

An officer finally told Strickland it was impossible for him to be Inger.

“The name he was using, along with the DOB goes back to a deceased person,” Shawinsky said. “When confronted with that, he laughed.”

“Now I’ll be honest with you,” Strickland told police, according to Shawinsky.


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