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Report: Siberian man suspected of cannibalism, 19 killings

October 25, 1997

MOSCOW (AP) _ Siberian authorities suspect a former mental patient killed at least 19 people and ate some of them, a Moscow newspaper reported Saturday.

Alexander Spesivtsev has been under investigation since his arrest last fall in the city of Novokuznetsk, where police found a young woman near death and two dismembered bodies in his apartment, the English-language Moscow Tribune reported.

Spesivtsev, described by authorities as an ``intellectual″ in his late 20s who has written some books on philosophy, previously had been released from a psychiatric hospital. He had been committed after being convicted of murdering his girlfriend.

Alexei Bugayets, a prosecutor for the Kemerovo region, which includes Novokuznetsk, said investigators believe they now can prove Spesivtsev killed 19 people, and expect to add dozens of other cases, the Tribune reported.

Bugayets said a search of Spesivtsev’s apartment revealed 80 bloodstained pieces of clothing. He said tests established that none of them contained blood from anyone in Spesivtsev’s family.

There have been several cases of cannibalism reported in Russia in recent years, the most notorious of which was Andrei Chikatilo, who was convicted of murdering, mutilating and cannibalizing 52 people in Rostov-on-Don prior to his arrest in 1990. He subsequently was convicted and executed.

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