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October 14, 2013



STOCKHOLM — Americans Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller have won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the three “for their empirical analysis of asset prices.” By Karl Ritter. 800 words by 1200 GMT. AP Photos. AP Video.


The world’s anti-doping authority is launching an “extraordinary” audit of Jamaica’s drug-testing agency following allegations that its policing of the island’s sprinting superstars led by Usain Bolt all but collapsed in the months before they dazzled at the London Games, The Associated Press has learned. By John Leicester. 1,750 words. AP Photos.


VIENNA — Don’t expect a breakthrough — but the chances for progress have seldom been better. This is the message coming from Iran and six world powers ahead of renewed talks this week meant to end a decade of deadlock on Tehran’s nuclear program. The two sides come to the negotiating table in Geneva on Tuesday and Wednesday amid a feel-good atmosphere that began with the June election of centrist Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Subsequent conciliatory comments by Iranian officials were capped last month by a phone call between Rouhani and President Barack Obama — the first conversation between U.S. and Iranian leaders in more than three decades. By George Jahn.

AP Photos LON104-0205121255.


The five permanent U.N. Security Council members and Germany meet Iran in Geneva on Tuesday and Wednesday to try to reduce concerns that Tehran wants to build nuclear weapons while satisfying Iran’s demands to recognize its right to peaceful nuclear activities. A look at the players, the talks and the issues: THE PLAYERS By George Jahn.

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ROME — The police have forbidden it. The mayor has said no. And remarkably the pope’s envoy in Rome has ruled it out. No one it seems, wants Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke to have a funeral Mass or burial in Rome. The lawyer for the ex-SS captain, who has denounced the campaign against his recently deceased client, is mulling whether to bury Priebke in his beloved Germany. 130 words by 1200GMT. 400 words by 1300 GMT. By Nicole Winfield.


WARSAW, Poland — An attempt to oust the mayor of Poland’s capital has failed because not enough people turned out to vote. The Sunday referendum was called by a member of the opposition nationalist Law and Justice party. Moved. 130 words.


MOSCOW — Police in Moscow have rounded up over a thousand employees of a vegetable warehouse, a day after riots on the Russian capital’s southern outskirts. Police on Sunday arrested hundreds of suspected rioters in the district of Biryulovo after the stabbing death of an ethnic Russian man who allegedly was killed by a native of the North Caucasus, a region in southern Russia. Caucasus natives work at many vegetable markets around the Russian capital. Moved. 500 words by 1200 GMT. AP Photos.


LONDON — British police on Monday were questioning four men in their 20s arrested in London on suspicion of terrorism. The London police firearms unit took part in the arrests. British police rarely carry weapons, and their involvement suggests concern the men might have been armed. Moved. Developing.


MADRID — Spaniards born with severe defects after their mothers used the drug Thalidomide during their pregnancies are suing its producer, the German company Gruenenthal Group. Many of the children of the mothers who took the drug, a sedative prescribed between 1950 and 1960 to combat morning sickness, were born with abnormally short limbs and in some cases without any arms, legs or hips.



STOCKHOLM — The winner of Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel is announced. By Karl Ritter

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LUXEMBOURG — The finance ministers of the 17-member eurozone meet in Luxembourg to discuss economic and financial issues, including the future of Greece’s bailout program and the creation of a banking union. By Juergen Baetz. 130 words by 1300 GMT; 350 words likely by 1500 GMT, depending on news; final press conference timing uncertain.


STOCKHOLM — Buoyed by increasing demand for its popular furniture and accessories, Ikea says sales grew more that 3 percent to 27.9 billion euros ($38 billion) in the latest fiscal year. The world’s largest furniture retailer said Monday that market share grew in most regions, including Russia and China, and that “significant progress” was made in North America. 130 words. Moved.


LONDON — Industrial output across the eurozone rebounded in August, official figures showed Monday, raising hopes that the sector will contribute to a pick-up in economic growth. Eurostat, the EU’s statistics office, said industrial production rose 1 percent, roughly in line with market expectations and the biggest monthly rise since July 2011. It also recouped July’s equivalent decline. By Pan Pylas. 350 words moved.