Calif. man arrested on drug paraphernalia charge after getting upset over order

March 6, 2019

A man upset with an incorrect order at In-n-Out was arrested on a drug paraphernalia charge when police allegedly found cocaine residue in a bag he was holding.

Lake Havasu City Police say Jack Logan, 22, of Huntington Beach, is accused of yelling at the restaurant staff in the In-n-Out drive-through on Feb. 24 because he said the restaurant “took forever to prepare his order” and got his order incorrect. When police arrived, they said the store manager told officers Logan was acting obnoxiously and using profanity at her while he was placing his order. She told officers she didn’t want to press charges, but she wanted him to leave the restaurant. However, officers believed Logan was impaired, so they took him to the Lake Havasu City Jail for a blood test. During a search, officers said they found a clear plastic bag with a white powdery residue that later tested positive for cocaine residue. Records showed Logan also had two previous DUI convictions. Logan was charged with felony drug paraphernalia possession and felony aggravated DUI, along with misdemeanor obstruction.

— Staff Reports