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Exiled Philippines President Reportedly Plans Easter Party

March 29, 1986

HONOLULU (AP) _ Ferdinand Marcos, who has shunned the limelight since going into exile last month, will throw an Easter party Sunday for hundreds of guests, a supporter of the former Philippines president says.

Arrangements for the party were made Friday during a discussion between Marcos, his wife, Imelda, and Francisco Ugale, head of the United Filipino Council of Hawaii, Ugale said.

″When we were talking to the president at his breakfast table, we were talking about 100 people (to invite),″ Ugale said. ″And then all of a sudden he (Marcos) says ‘Why don’t we fill up this place?’ So then I said, ‘Oh, maybe 500 hundred, maybe a thousand.’ ″

To that, Ugale said Marcos replied, ″Well, as many people as you can get.″

The party would mark the first social gathering to be attended by Marcos since he arrived here Feb. 26. The Marcoses stayed at Hickam Air Force Base until last Monday, when they moved to a beachside house in Niu Valley.

When asked why the Marcoses decided to throw the party, Ugale said, ″It’s a tradition in the Philippines. Easter is a happy time. They know that everybody wants to see them.″

Those on the guest list, which was composed mostly of consulate members in Hawaii and island Filipino leaders, would have to bring their own lunches, Ugale said.

Honululu Bishop Joseph A. Ferrario said, meanwhile, that an Easter Sunday Mass would be celebrated for the Marcoses at their home.

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