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3 arrested in connection with park brawl that left man dead

April 11, 2019

LEWISTON, Maine (AP) — Police in Maine have arrested three people, two of them teenagers, in connection with a park brawl that led to a man’s death last year.

Thirty-eight-year-old Donald Giusti died from injuries he suffered in the Lewiston fight last June, which contributed to racial tension in the city. Giusti’s death was followed by an effort to improve safety called “Peace in the Park.”

Police declined to identify two of the people who were arrested because they were minors. A 17-year-old male from Lewiston was charged with manslaughter. A 13-year-old male from Lewiston was charged with misdemeanor assault.

Also arrested was 23-year-old Pierre Mousafiri, of Lewiston, charged with misdemeanor assault. His arraignment’s scheduled June 12, exactly a year after the incident. It wasn’t immediately known if he has a lawyer.