Could It Be Me workshop set for Sept. 12

August 29, 2018

Many believe supervisors and managers should take the time to reflect and evaluate their behavior just like their employees are expected to, according to one Central Community College-Columbus leader.

“As a supervisor, you might recognize one or two things … that you could work on and improve yourselves as a supervisor,” said Doug Pauley, director of training and development at CCC-Columbus.

Central Community College-Columbus will be hosting the Could It Be Me workshop from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sept. 12 inside Room 177 of the West Education Center on the campus. The session will be led by Elizabeth Smith, who facilitates several soft skill presentations, workshops and classes for the training and development departments throughout all Central Community College locations. The sessions oftentimes focus on topics like leadership, communication and customer service that could help benefit the way a business operates.

Those interested in participating in the Could It Be Me workshop must register by Sept. 5. The cost is $115 per person, which includes interaction instruction and printed materials.

“There are some certain fundamental aspects of leadership that hold true across the board … Understanding people, how to relate to people, how to communicate,” Smith said. “Those are big things in terms of leadership that are true no matter what situation.”

When it comes to resolving prolonged issues within the office, Smith said a number of supervisors or managers don’t realize that they are one of the main contributors to the issue because of their individual leadership or communication styles.

“If we are finding ourselves having the same type of conversations with the same type of people, or if we are seeing the same types of behavioral issues going across the board, is it really those folks … or could it really be me possibly?” she said.

Workshop participants will be able take home key steps to delegating, study the different motivators for individual behaviors, learn how to establish a hard-to-leave workplace, as well as learning how to avoid certain behaviors that could negatively impact the work environment.

“It may be a coaching or development opportunity for that mid-level manager to really hone in on some of those skills that are going to vital for them to be successful going forward and possibly taking that next step up,” said Smith, noting these skills can benefit individuals from a full gamut of industries.

At the end of the session, Smith hopes participants leave with productive skills that will helm them better lead and are willing to adjust any behaviors or actions they believe are hurting office productivity.

The session is open to the public, including area businesses.

Pauley said the department strives to help businesses improve their operations, noting managers can schedule in-house training seminars with Smith for themselves and their employees.

“The goal of training and development is just to help our businesses become more effective,” said Pauley, adding the department is hosting a seven-week Leadership Development Series from Nov. 6 to Dec. 18.

Those wishing to learn more about the workshop are encouraged to contact Sue Mahlin at 402-562-1409 or by email at smahlin@cccneb.edu.

Natasya Ong is a reporter for The Columbus Telegram. Reach her via email at natasya.ong@lee.net.

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