Just Approved Chris Bartlett Banker helps client with an expired resident alien card

November 20, 2018

Mortgage banker: Chris Bartlett

Purchase process: $295,000

Loan amount: $284,675

Loan terms: 30-year fixed FHA mortgage

Backstory: A couple recently contacted me after being denied a mortgage. They had been pre-approved prior to making an offer on the house, however, between the time they had been pre-approved and found a home to purchase, the husband’s resident alien card has expired.

His attorney filed all the appropriate paper work to have the card renewed but without having a current card in hand, the lender was unwilling to approve their mortgage.

The attorney could not offer a guarantee the card would be renewed nor could or would the U.S. Department of Immigration offer any information that would help facilitate their mortgage approval.

During our initial conversation, I was able to establish that he had a history of having his green cards renewed. In fact, this was the third time his card was being renewed. He had copies of all documentation proving his renewal history.

In addition, his old card had expired less than 60 days prior and he had received notification by mail of his finger print appointment being scheduled. We were also able to verify his application was in process on the immigration website.

The Federal Housing Administration will allow for a borrower to close on a mortgage if there is an established history of renewal but typically, the card is not allowed to be expired at the time of closing.

Because a person is not allowed to apply for renewal of their resident alien card until it is within 90 days of expiration, obtaining a new card before the old one expires is not uncommon. That is why the resident alien card is technically still valid up to 180 days from the date of the expiration on the card.

With the proof of past years renewal, the ability to show the new application was in process and the fact the old card had expired less then 180 days ago, we were able to approve the mortgage and the couple closed on their new home three weeks later.

The husband did receive his new resident card two days after closing.

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