Nebraska Catholic Conference continues to work toward abolishing capital punishment in the state

August 18, 2018

LINCOLN - A Nebraska Catholic organization comprised of diocese from across the state stands firmly against Tuesday’s execution of Carey Dean Moore.

Spokeswoman Lauren Garcia with the Nebraska Catholic Conference says the bishops of Nebraska’s Lincoln, Grand Island and Omaha diocese believe executions aren’t needed to keep the peace; a talking point often touted by supporters of the practice.

“If public safety can be maintained without carrying out the death penalty, then we should not use it” says Garcia. “As Catholics we have think about that and really evaluate is this really necessary for public safety and we believe that it is not.”

Garcia says the conference recognizes and empathizes with families who feel capital punishment is proper justice, “But, you know, in the Catholic Church we believe that every life has dignity, even if that life has committed a heinous crime.”

The conference would prefer life in prison with no parole for the worst offenders, according to Garcia.

Looking toward the future, Garcia says, though there are no plans right now, the conference will continue to lobby toward abolishing the death penalty in the state for good.

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