Hoke farmers want help tracking deadly pack of dogs

April 1, 2019

A group of farmers in Hoke County is demanding action after a pack of dogs killed more than a dozen goats and a 500-pound llama in a rural area off Ashemont Road near the Moore County line.

The owner of the goats says what happed on her farm last week was a massacre.

Pat Belskie was alerted to the attack by a neighbor’s phone call. When she got outside, she says, the grazing area looked like a battlefield.

Belskie lost 14 goats and a llama. She took graphic photos of the mangled animal carcasses.

The lone survivor of the brutal attack is a goat she now calls Miracle.

“The girls did a great job stitching her,” Belskie said. “Her whole back end was hanging out like this. Her one ear was pulled off and they stitched it back on but we had to wrap it.”

Nearby, Robin Berry was also alerted by a neighbor that a pack of dogs were attacking her goats.

While the most recent attacks happened last week, stories of attacks date back years.

Belski and Berry believe the attacks are not driven by a pack of wild dogs. They think they’re pets, killing not for food but for sport.

Residents say Hoke County Animal Control is doing all they can to help. But some have resorted to carrying weapons to protect themselves and their livestock.

The farmers are planning to speak at the next meeting of the Hoke County Board of Commissioners about the problem and to offer some solutions.