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Nuns Fight Italian Superstitions

November 24, 1999

ROME (AP) _ Fighting nuns’ bad rap with rap, a nun in northern Italy has recorded a CD to fight an Italian superstition that the good sisters bring bad luck.

Traditionally, superstitious Italians will touch iron when they happen to walk by a nun _ an Italian version of touching wood.

Alternatively, they hiss ``Your nun!″ at another passer-by _ handing off any nunly bad luck to the stranger.

``I had barely become a sister when I noticed all the people who passed me making these signs,″ said Sister Alessandra Luna, a 27-year-old nun in the northern Italian the town of Passirano.

``At first, I would get angry,″ Sister Alessandra said. ``Then, I started to smile, and the CD was born.″

Entering what in Italy is the burgeoning field of sister acts, she recorded a protest CD, pointedly titled ``Your nun!″ The cover tune: ``Your nun, touch iron.″

The reasoning behind the superstition isn’t clear. Italian men have their own, more commonly known superstition about priests, with its own matching gesture to ward off the supposed bad luck.

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