HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (AP) _ Joe DiMaggio was pictured as doing very well Thursday as he continued his recovery from lung cancer surgery.

``He beat pneumonia,'' said Morris Engelberg, the spokesman for the New York Yankees Hall of Fame outfielder.

``The infection is gone, his vital signs are good.''

The 84-year-old DiMaggio survived a series of major setbacks which followed his operation on Oct. 14, including serious lung infections.

Engelberg said no decision had been made on when DiMaggio would leave Memorial Regional Hospital.

``It's day to day,'' he said.

A visit from Yankees owner George Steinbrenner last week buoyed DiMaggio, according to Engelberg, an attorney and DiMaggio's longtime friend.

``George had been calling three or four times a week, but this was the first time Joe was well enough to have him visit,'' Engelberg said. ``They had a couple of laughs and both enjoyed themselves.''