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LONDON (AP) _ Actor Woody Harrelson, accused of damaging a London taxi in a fit of rage, will not face criminal charges, police said.

The driver of the cab has withdrawn his allegation, Scotland Yard said Monday.

``I presume the damages have been paid, and there will be no further police action,'' a spokesman said, on customary condition of anonymity.

Harrelson, star of ``Natural Born Killers,'' ``The People vs. Larry Flynt'' and the upcoming ``Anger Management,'' was arrested June 6 on suspicion of criminal damage after an incident outside a London nightclub.

Taxi driver Les Dartnell said Harrelson kicked his cab, smashing a door lock and ashtray before running off.

Harrelson, 40, is in London to rehearse for the upcoming West End play ``On an Average Day'' with Kyle MacLachlan. The play, by American dramatist John Kolvenbach, opens at the Comedy Theater on Aug. 7.