TC Line: No Performance Hall at Plaza Convention Center

September 22, 2018

New performance hall

The Plaza Convention Center building would not make a good performance hall. If you’d like to have a new performance hall built in Longmont, go to longmontperforms.org to see how you can help. The Longmont Performing Arts Initiative has a movement underway already.

My Trump vote

My decision to vote for Trump was simple: I could not vote for Hillary and the Democrats. I grew up in a communist country, and I don’t want any form of Marxism.

Kavanaugh accusation

• The accusations against Judge Kavanaugh relate to something that supposedly happened when he was a teenager. His accuser should be asked, “Did you report this assault at the time it happened or soon after, and if not, why not?” More and more men being accused of sexual misconduct are being presumed to be guilty by accusation. That is not fair.

• What is the name of this new feminist movement? Yes You Did? Where they can just accuse anybody of anything and then the accused has no rights whatsoever? ... This is just stupid, what you’re doing to Kavanaugh.

Behar’s comments

Roseanne Barr got fired over racist comments, so why is Joy Behar allowed to make racist comments about old white men? Not to mention all the other ridiculous comments she’s come up with lately.

Watts coverage

I’m sitting here reading the Thursday, Sept. 20, Times-Call, and I don’t understand why — I mean why, why, why? — is the Christopher Watts case making front page news? I mean, it’s been on the news, is been in your papers constantly. Enough is enough. Who cares what happens to him? Nobody really cares? ... We’re sick of looking at him and reading about him. And putting him on the front page of the paper? Come on, already. That’s totally ridiculous. You’ve given him so much publicity.

Due process for Dems

I guess that only conservatives don’t get due process. If you’re like Keith Ellison, who (is accused of beating up) his girlfriend, and her son says he sees it as well ... and this is recent, they just bury that under the rug because it’s a Democrat. But if someone accuses a conservative, let alone a guy who’s had a spotless past, of something, there’s no due process. Hollywood comes out and says, “We believe the girl. Fry the guy.” You know what? This is beyond disgusting.

That’s no Republican

Please excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor from laughing. I just read in today’s Times-Call somebody who claimed to be a Republican but was going to vote for the oil and gas setbacks. If you read it very carefully and deconstruct what is being said, it is transparent that they aren’t just a Democrat; they are a socialist Democrat. Give me a break. People like this should not lie.

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