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Chef Hates ‘Soup Nazi’ Tag

December 30, 1997

NEW YORK (AP) _ Al Yeganeh has no patience for those who confuse him with the Soup Nazi character he inspired on NBC’s ``Seinfeld.″

Just ask Babita Hariani, a reporter for WABC radio, who made the mistake Monday of asking Yeganeh during an interview to say the Soup Nazi tag line ``No soup for you!″

Yeganeh hates the name Soup Nazi, hates the tag line, and hates it when tourists and others ask him to say it. So naturally, the famously short-tempered soup chef flew into a rage when the reporter asked him to say it yet again.

Hariani said Yeganeh took off his radio headsets and threw them at her. ``He was yelling, ‘Get out!’ and chasing me out,″ she said. ``So as I was running, he threw them and I grabbed them. He was right on my heels the whole time, cursing and screaming.″

The commotion was broadcast on the radio, although the obscenities were deleted.

Last week, Yeganeh told The Associated Press he thinks Jerry Seinfeld is ``an idiot clown.″

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