Let’s live together in this glorious place

September 4, 2018

After reading about the Fiesta de Santa Fe controversy (“Changes leave some locals feeling cast aside,” Aug. 26), I am saddened by the assaults on a tradition so dear to the Hispanic community in Santa Fe, the core of our city. It’s my understanding that the dear people in both the Hispanic and Native communities are willing to work together to solve some sensitive issues of the event. But it seems some people want to disrupt the traditions of Santa Fe, which has been a shining example for decades to the entire country of diversity, cultural respect and co-operation. Some want to change the name from “Fiesta de Santa Fe” and others want to ban use of the Plaza for time-honored events they disagree with. We should all respect hometown people who represent the best of Santa Fe and the proud example of three different cultures living together. Let’s not destroy but celebrate the time-honored co-operative spirit of this city.

Que Viva Santa Fe, los Pueblos and all who live in this glorious place.

Donna Amos

Santa Fe

Let priests marry

When is the Catholic Church going to reckon with the “elephant in the room?” Putting aside abuse of power, the elephant at the basis of so much pedophilia among the clergy is celibacy. The vow of celibacy is a high bar for most to live by; I reckon many clergy within the church are struggling with an ideal they cannot meet. Consequently, this inner struggle can go underground, leading to abuse. This dilemma must be faced; otherwise, it will surely continue.

I believe one can devote one’s life to God without celibacy. Free the priesthood of this required vow. Save the children.

M. Barcelona

Santa Fe

Giving and getting

The Santa Fe Woman’s Club is holding its Twelfth Annual Flea Market from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 6-7, at the Santa Fe Woman’s Club clubhouse, 1616 Old Pecos Trail. To ensure there’s lots to sell, please bring gently used items ranging from clothing, dishes, jewelry or furniture to the clubhouse between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Oct. 1-4, or call 505-983-9455 for further instructions. Funds go toward scholarships to students attending the Santa Fe Community College. You can help students struggling to stay financially afloat. Other nonprofit organizations will also benefit. Your donation will be a useful treasure to others. Donations are tax-deductible.

Dolores Whitaker

publicity chair

Santa Fe Woman’s Club

Santa Fe

America’s fabric

In response to Linda Chavez’s letter (“Capitalism vs. socialism,” Aug. 28), Chavez’s antiquated view of socialism misses important points. Both Social Security and Medicare are examples of how successful socialism can be, enjoyed by millions of Americans. Unfettered capitalism destroys the very fabric of a society; think global warming, big banks and those lovely Koch brothers.

There is a balance between both systems that can preserve the heritage of our country, which was won with the blood, sweat and tears of our parents and grandparents and those before them.Unfettered capitalism fosters false belief systems, like we are the world’s policeman; as if it’s OK to develop terrifying weapons and those who suffer somehow deserve it. All those who built America deserve a stake in it, not just the rich. We have become prisoners of those that push their destructive agenda. Stockholm syndrome is rampant.

Paul Thacher


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