Valley counties launch first Tri-County “Drive Safe, Not Drunk” campaign

March 2, 2019

PORT ISABEL — Beginning next weekend, the drive toward the Island is expected to be filled with eager Spring Breakers and bumper to bumper traffic.

According to the Cameron County officials, tens of thousands of college student are expected to drive through Willacy, Hidalgo and Cameron counties.

And this Spring Break, the three counties are teaming up to combat drinking and driving.

Cameron County District Attorney Luis V. Saenz in partnership with Hidalgo County DA Ricardo Rodriguez and Willacy County DA Annette Hinojosa, launched their first Tri-County “Drive Safe, Not Drunk” campaign Friday morning during a press conference in Port Isabel.

While law enforcement will ramp up its patrolling efforts, Cameron County officials expect roads will become “a little more dangerous,” and are encouraging people to “drive defensively.”

Spring Breakers are encouraged to create a plan to avoid driving impaired to save lives and avoid any tragedies.

“Come to the Island and have a great time while being safe,” Saenz said. "But, the bottom line is, if you are going to drink and if you’re going to drive, than you’re going to be arrested.”

According to county officials, someone in Texas is killed by a drunk driver every 20 minutes throughout the year.

Getting behind the wheel after having just one drink can impair a motorist’s judgment and reaction time, which results in accidents, Saenz said.