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Quotes From the Presidential Campaign Trail,

May 25, 1988

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Here are some comments Wednesday from the presidential campaign trail:

MICHAEL DUKAKIS, saying he will contest George Bush in every state in the fall election: ″We are not going to concede one single state to the Republicans in the fall.″

GEORGE BUSH, confident that Panamanian Gen. Manuel Noriega will be induced to step aside, despite Secretary of State George Shultz’ announcement that talks between Panama and the U.S. have broken down: ″The fact that we haven’t solved this doesn’t depress me. I don’t want a bad deal. I want a good deal. We’ll have to go back and figure it out.″

JESSE JACKSON, urging a change in U.S. policy toward Central America: ″The $10 billion spent chasing 3 million Sandinistas ...that money should have been spent chasing poverty, illiteracy and disease and building houses ... in Central America. It was immoral and illegal and a misappropriation of funds.″

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