BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) _ A man jumped into a car driven by the wife of the top U.S. diplomat in Yugoslavia, pointed a gun at her head and later stole the car, a Belgrade newspaper reported today.

The Dnevni Telegraf said Sharon Miles, wife of U.S. charge d'affaires Richard Miles, was stopped at a traffic light Monday afternoon in downtown Belgrade when the young man got into her car.

The man pointed his gun at the back of Mrs. Miles' head and told her in English to drive out of the city center. He then ordered her to stop, hand over the keys and get out.

The man then drove away in the BMW, which had diplomatic license plates, Dnevni Telegraf said.

Mrs. Miles called police from a nearby mechanic's shop.

The U.S. Embassy in Belgrade confirmed today that Mrs. Miles' car had been stolen and said she was uninjured in the theft. No further details were released.