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May 3, 1990

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Ted Danson says ″Cheers″ could survive his departure.

″It’s a very depressing thought, but it’s true. The show has a life of its own,″ said Danson, who will return for a ninth season but isn’t sure about a 10th.

″I’m taking the summer off to think about it,″ said Danson, who plays the lothario bartender Sam Malone on the NBC series.

Danson is filming ″Three Men and a Lady,″ a sequel to the 1987 box office smash ″Three Men and a Baby.″ He also appeared in the 1989 movies ″Cousins″ and ″Dad.″

″The question is whether I want to hang around and do a 10th season,″ he said recently. ″I just don’t have the legs anymore to run around for eight months doing ‘Cheers’ and then run around three more months doing movies.″


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - The maker of the Louisville Slugger bat has dropped a breach-of-contract suit against New York Yankees star Don Mattingly.

Hillerich & Bradsby, which had sued the first baseman for entering into an endorsement contract with Franklin Sports Industries when he had an agreement with H&B, said Wednesday the alleged breach was not necessarily his fault.

″We think Mattingly is dealing in good faith,″ said H&B lawyer James Milliman. ″We just want a verification from him that our contract’s valid.″

H&B said Mattingly is free to endorse other manufacturer’s gloves and other baseball products - but not bats.

The company filed an amended complaint alleging Franklin Sports induced Mattingly to violate contracts with H&B.

Larry Franklin, president of the Stoughton, Mass., company, had no comment.


LAS VEGAS (AP) - A limousine chauffeur served as witness to the weekend marriage of Guns N’ Roses lead singer W. Axl Rose and Erin Invicta Everly, daughter of one of the Everly Brothers.

Rose, 28, and the 24-year-old daughter of Don Everly were married early Saturday at the Cupid Wedding Chapel.

Charles Biondilla, manager of the chapel, said the couple came to the chapel twice before going through with the private five-minute ceremony.

″They were here at midnight first, then they rode around for a few hours in their limousine,″ he said.

The band has gained notoriety over its use of racial and sexual slurs on its record ″One in a Million″ and its use of profanity on television.


EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Men and women should share family responsibilities equally or face family breakdowns, actress Marlo Thomas says.

″I think that unless men start being equal partners in marriage, we’re going to have problems with families. Women can’t raise families all by themselves, anymore than men can run the world all by themselves,″ she said.

″It’s unbalanced. It’s like a seesaw sticking up in the air. It has to have the humanity of both partners,″ the wife of talk show host Phil Donahue said at a news conference.

Ms. Thomas, the keynote speaker at a Michigan State University conference called ″Kaleidoscope: A Day for Women,″ said responsibilities women carry in the home may be at the root of family problems and violence against women.


MALIBU, Calif. (AP) - Surfer Lance Carson and wave-riding pals like actor Gregory Harrison and surfing champion Tom Curren have recorded an album to save their beloved beaches.

Carson, dubbed the Joe DiMaggio of surfing, bemoans what has happened to the ocean since he began riding waves before Gidget was a household name.

″The water is filthy. There are days when you can smell and see miscellaneous waste floating in the water. Sea life is suffering, and we’d better do something now before it’s too late,″ Carson said this week.

Carson’s concern about the ocean led to his participation in the ″Wave Sliders: In a Blue Room,″ an album for the non-profit Surfrider Foundation. The group works to save beaches imperiled by pollution and development.

″Malibu is the crown jewel of surf spots, and now it’s a cesspool,″ said Carson, whose 1960s exploits on Malibu beaches were the inspiration for characters in the movies ″Big Wednesday″ and ″Apocalypse Now.″


COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Plans for a benefit by soul singer James Brown have been nixed by the state Corrections Department.

On Monday, a Los Angeles promoter said Brown would hold a concert May 16 in Charleston with Gladys Knight, Little Richard and Jermaine Jackson. A New York concert organizer then said Wednesday that the benefit had been moved Aiken.

The department said no to both plans. Brown is serving a six-year sentence for assault and was transferred from prison April 14 to a work-release program.

″As part of being in prison, your liberties are restricted and you’re taken away from your commercial life,″ said department spokesman Francis X. Archibald. ″That applies to entertainers, stockbrokers, bankers and anyone else who goes to prison.″

Proceeds from the ″James Brown and Friends″ concert were to have gone to a community group where Brown works as a youth counselor as part of his term.