Wake students plan walkout to protest new math curriculum

April 10, 2019

Students at Green Hope High School in Cary plan to walk out of school Wednesday morning to protest a math program they say is failing Wake County students.

The Wake County Public School System invested more than $1.4 million to implement Mathematics Vision Project, or MVP, starting last year. The MVP program encourages critical thinking by having students work together to solve problems instead of providing direct instruction from teachers.

“It’s just been very stressful. [I] put in a tremendous amount of work and don’t get anywhere,” said Brandon Gipp, a Green Hope High honors student who said he had to hire a tutor to pass the class. “The majority of what I’ve learned has been through myself and through my tutor.”

School district spokeswoman Sara Clark said administrators are working with Green Hope High and other schools to offer support with lesson plans and instruction.

“We believe MVP has been successful in aligning and improving our math curriculum across the district,” Clark said in an email.

Cyndy White, whose son is also struggling with MVP, said she’s frustrated by the experience.

“I don’t feel the county is doing enough. I don’t think they are listening,” White said. “The only thing I want is my child to learn math.”

Utah-based MVP issued the following statement:

Gipp, who organized the walkout, said he hopes taking a stand will make a difference.

“We’re really hoping to send a message to the district because we are currently being used as their guinea pigs, and we’ve had enough,” he said.