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Dane Cook Hosts ‘SNL’ Season Opener

September 29, 2006

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ On Saturday’s season opener of ``Saturday Night Live,″ comedian Dane Cook will not only get the expected laughs but also achieve a lifelong dream.

``When I started doing standup, even well before standup, a goal that I set for myself was to be a part of `Saturday Night Live,‴ Cook told The Associated Press Friday.

Cook first hosted the show last year. Returning so soon was ``like coming back to the best camp I’ve ever gone to in my life,″ he said. ``I feel almost like I’m a part of the cast.″

That cast is leaner than it’s been in season’s past due to budget crunching by NBC, but Cook, 34, sees that as a chance for everyone to be more involved in the show.

``It’s great to be in sketches with the whole company,″ he said.

Expect lots of topical comedy on the season opener, Cook said.

``It’s a comedy bomb and its about to explode laughter all over.″

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