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Political Stars Wrong For Reagan-Thatcher Meeting, Astrologer Says

May 29, 1988

LONDON (AP) _ One of Britain’s leading astrologers says the stars are wrong for this week’s post-summit meeting in London between President Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Reagan, an Aquarian, and Mrs. Thatcher, a Libran, ″enjoy a marvelous cerebral relationship″ with all the right ingredients to get things done, but this isn’t the week to do them, said Russell Grant, president emeritus of the British Astrological Psychic Society.

Press Association, Britain’s domestic news agency, said Sunday it commissioned the forecast from Grant.

Grant said Reagan’s meeting with Mrs. Thatcher on Thursday and Friday, with Mercury starting to go backwards through the planetary system, comes during a ″very unstable period.″

The president flies to London after his meeting in Moscow with Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev.

″If he has got an astrologer advising him, I would have steered clear of this period more than any other time in the year,″ Grant said.

″You could reach an agreement today, and in a month’s time people could renege on it,″ he said. ″What is going on at the moment is so volatile and so unpredictable that you really cannot stand by what is said.″

But the astrologer said the intuitive powers of Nancy Reagan, a shrewd Cancerian, could be ″invaluable″ during the president’s London visit.

He said Queen Elizabeth II, a Taurus who is having a tea for the Reagans at Buckingham Palace on Thursday, would also be a positive influence.

Mrs. Reagan’s interest in astrology made headlines around the world this month when former White House Chief of Staff Donald Regan published a book alleging that the first lady’s astrological advice affected the president’s schedule.

The president has denied this.

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