City shuts down Micro Industries

May 7, 2019

ROCK FALLS – The city has condemned the Micro Industries building, shutting down its operations until a structural issue deemed to be a threat to public safety is addressed.

The city posted the condemnation notice at 200 W. Second St. on Friday.

“Our engineering report determined that the north wall of the building was in danger of collapsing,” Rock Falls Building Inspector Mark Searing said Monday.

The report came from Willett, Hofmann & Associates, the city’s primary engineers.

The condition of the wall has been an ongoing issue for many years, Searing said. There have been large cracks and missing bricks. Searing is required to make a minimum of one inspection a year at Micro Industries, but the issues at the enormous building have brought him there to check the wall at least every other week for quite some time.

“They have made minor repairs over the years, but not enough to make it safe enough for people to be in,” Searing said.

The city also has concerns about a loading dock on West Second Street that has deteriorated beams in the roof.

Operations can continue as soon as the north wall is fortified to the city’s satisfaction. No fines are being assessed, but that situation will be reviewed within the next week.

Micro Industries designs and operates die casting machines for the processing of a variety of metal parts. The company was established in 1959, and in its recent history, has employed between 50 and 100 people. That number is now closer to 50.

Lance Robinson, the company’s owner, was unavailable for comment.

If the workers remain in the building, the city would have to get a court order to remove them.