Johnsonville Festival Committee receives Christmas Star Award

December 16, 2018

JOHNSONVILLE, S.C. – The City of Johnsonville Council voted at its Dec. 4 meeting to award the 2018 Christmas Star to the Johnsonville Festival Committee. Each year, the 10-member committee organizes the Heritage Festival at the River and the Johnsonville Christmas Parade.

Festival Committee members are Ron Douglas, Kem Poston, Joan Lentz, Shannon Tippett, Lucy Godwin, Lorraine Hanna, Marlene Rollins, Tammy Stewart, Melinda Howard and Teresa Humphries.

“The city wants to officially recognize the members of the Festival Committee for their hard work and dedication to the success of these two events in Johnsonville,” Johnsonville Mayor Steve Dukes said through a media advisory. “They work tirelessly for little recognition, and this is our chance to say ‘Thank you’ and let them know the city appreciates their efforts.”

Johnsonville Police Chief Ron Douglas said, “We don’t have a chairman. I sometimes act as the spokesperson, but we are a leaderless group who just work together to make it happen.”

The Heritage Festival at the River and the Johnsonville Christmas Parade were both hampered by rain in 2018 but were carried out on schedule by the Festival Committee. The Heritage Festival at the River was held May 18-19 at Odell Venters Landing on Lynches River, and the Christmas Parade was held Dec. 1 on Broadway Street in Johnsonville.

The city of Johnsonville presents the Christmas Star Award annually to recognize a local citizen or organization for outstanding service to the community. Previous recipients are Randolph Willis (2008), Mildred Hughes (2009), Eugenia Cossaboom (2010), Fearless Dunahoe (2011), Carl Skinner (2012), Dale Strickland (2013), Jackie Stasney (2014), Johnsonville First Baptist Church (2015), Edie Cain (2016) and Peter Knoller (2017).

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