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Shopping Queen Fails To Bag Second Title

August 28, 1985

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ Her mind was clear. Her body was primed. And her eyes gleamed with desire. But Kimberly Nunn failed Wednesday to buy her way to a second title as the greatest shopper in this city of great shops.

Nunn, a 25-year-old fashion merchandiser from San Francisco, said she was born to shop. But she faced fierce competition at Ghiradelli Square in the third annual San Francisco Fair and Exposition’s ″Shoppers 500.″

Each of the 25 contestants were given a list of the same 22 items, and were told to find them somewhere in the four-story mall within one hour.

Hungry eyes searched out an Italian scarf with a leopard in a tree, the Mr. Potato Head Family, a sushi tray magnet, a silk camisole, a cable car tie and other selections. The men and women ran up stairs and shuffled down dark halls between the square’s Mustard Building and the Chocolate Building.

They resisted the macademia nut truffles and relaxing outdoor cafes as a fast drum beat echoed through the shopping plaza from a nearby park. Casual shoppers looked quizzically at the frantic group with badges and white bags scouring display cases and shrieking when they found an object of their search.

″I did my homework, but I never dreamed I would win,″ said Anne Collett, 37, a professional shopper and color consultant from San Francisco. ″I’m just an old lady in gray hair and tennis shoes.″

″Eat your heart out, Kimberly Nunn,″ she yelled playfully.

″I’ve always loved to shop,″ said Nunn, who didn’t even place in the top three this year. ″Especially for sheets and pillows. Oh God, I love that stuff. Sometimes I wonder if I have a problem; you know, like a compulsive shopper.

″I didn’t have time to do the homework this year,″ she said. ″If I didn’t have a fulltime job working 10 hours a day, I think I could have done it.″

Third-place finisher Christie MacDarmid of San Francisco also spends her free time shopping. ″I go to Macy’s and work out,″ she said.

Several men entered the competition, including Jim Hendry, 25, of San Francisco. He found only 14 of the 20 items, but wants to try again next year.

″I love shopping - just the joy of everything being all new I guess,″ he said. ″I thought I’d do well.″

John Cakars, 36, of San Pablo, found everything but not fast enough to win a prize.

″Usually I don’t like to go shopping,″ said the IRS worker. ″It gets pretty boring.″