Sports betting, priest abuse healing mission, Shazam’s CT roots top weekend news

April 8, 2019

Here are some of the top stories from this weekend:

Lessons for CT from a big sports day in a legal-betting state

As Connecticut lawmakers consider a bill to legalize sports betting, some residents are traveling to nearby states to place their wagers. Stamford resident Michael Brandon is among them and recently went to the Meadowlands in New Jersey to bet on the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Here’s how his day went.

Bridgeport Diocese abuse victims seek to heal themselves, church

Bridgeport Diocese Bishop Frank Caggiano has organized a survivors’ ministry of 20 men and women in Fairfield County who have become a national model for outreach to Catholics suffering the pain of sexual abuse’s lingering shame. The group’s members say their mission is nothing less than healing the church, one wounded parishioner at a time.

CT moves to help low-paid workers hurt by noncompete rules

Low-wage workers chasing the American Dream are stifled by new corporate tactics that effectively restrict their mobility and wages at the same time. Once standard in high-paying corporate suites, where trade secrets and confidential company information are crucial to success, businesses now use the threat of legal action to forcibly retain even entry-level employees. But legislation is advancing that would help workers and put employers on notice.

Sacklers quit Purdue Pharma board amid shifts for OxyContin maker

Two years ago, eight Sackler family members who own OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma served on the company’s board. Today, none of them remain on the panel. For years, the Sacklers have appeared impervious to outside pressure to reform the company that they closely guard. But the board departures, as well as a number of other major moves in recent months, suggest that the billionaire owners could be rethinking how they run their business, as they grapple with hundreds of lawsuits alleging that Purdue’s marketing stoked the opioid crisis — including complaints by Connecticut, Massachusetts, and most recently, New York, that directly accuse the Sacklers.

Shazam’s origins rooted in Greenwich

The release of the “Shazam!” movie last week revives a character from the biggest selling comic book series of all time and whose origins trace back to Greenwich. Fawcett Comics had its headquarters there until 1953 when the company lost a lawsuit filed by DC Comics claiming it ripped off Superman.

Alternative medicine program to end at UB, leaving students in limbo

The University of Bridgeport has been among just a handful of colleges nationwide offering Colleges of Naturopathic Medicine. However, the university announced last month it is phasing out the alternative medicine program as well as other majors, including martial arts, East Asian studies and Religion and Politics. The decision will affect about 100 students.