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Thirteen Not Lucky for Kasparov in Draw With Short

October 6, 1993

LONDON (AP) _ Garry Kasparov has called 13 his lucky number.

He is the 13th world chess champion, born on April 13, and takes great pride in noting that the year of his birth, 1963, is directly divisible by 13.

But Nigel Short, the English grandmaster, had the better luck in the 13th game of the Professional Chess Championship on Tuesday, achieving a comfortable draw and holding Kasparov without a victory for the fourth game in a row.

Kasparov leads 9-4 going into Thursday’s game and needs just three more points to retain his title.

″I thought it was a very correctly played game by Short, and I think he can be satisfied by the result,″ said former U.S. champion Joel Benjamin of New York.

Short, playing the black pieces, surprised Kasparov by using the Slav Defense, characterized by black playing 2c6, which was popularized by the former world champion Vassily Smyslov of Russia in the 1950s.

Kasparov claimed afterwards he missed a chance for a clear advantage on the 17th move. He said he should have played bishop to e3 instead of knight to g5.

Short said he was never especially worried about the outcome.

″At one point I could have drawn very easily but I created unnecessary difficulties for myself,″ he said.

On move 25, for instance, he said he should have played his bishop to another square.

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