President Trump is a brilliant patriot -- Donald Halverson

February 9, 2019

Doesn’t anybody get it?

Donald Trump has been a brilliant business person. Anyone who has achieved such tremendous wealth in his or her life does not need ego or wealth. President Trump is a brilliant and highly intelligent man who has amassed billions of dollars by surrounding himself with other brilliant men.

He accepts the abuse he gets because he wants to give back. He is a true patriot, and loves this country. No one is more qualified to run this country than he is.

Those who think the border fence shouldn’t be built aren’t thinking straight. The fence is a deterrent and can be patrolled with drones, seismographs to detect digging, and alert officials.

A great number of the Democratic politicians, mainly college professors and unsuccessful lawyers, want us to move toward socialism, and they will steal more of our freedoms. It’s like a Chicago police detective once told me when I complained about corruption: “Do you really think Abraham Lincoln was completely honest. Don’t you know there’s a little petty larceny in all of us.”

Donald Halverson, Stoughton

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