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GOP Chairman Says Party United

July 28, 2000

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Republicans have a chance to take control of the White House and Congress for the first time in a half century and that has infused the party with a new burst of enthusiasm, GOP Chairman Jim Nicholson said Thursday.

``Never before in my memory have we been so united on the eve of a great election,″ he told Republican National Committee members at a rah-rah session. ``After a long climb, Governor George W. Bush and Secretary Dick Cheney are soon going to be at the head of the ticket. We are almost at the mountaintop.″

Nicholson encouraged RNC members to ``just imagine next January 20,″ when Republicans are sworn in as president and vice president ``in front of a Republican speaker of the House and a Republican Senate majority leader, all watched by at least 30 Republican governors.″

This will happen while ``Al Gore and Tipper, Bill Clinton and Hillary look on from the cheap seats,″ he said in advance of the Republican National Convention that opens here Monday.

``And it’s so close, we can almost see it, for the first time since 1952,″ he said. ``It has been an exhilarating climb but we are still not at the summit.″

Nicholson also announced that the public can view each of the four days of convention events on the GOP’s Internet Webcast, which he described as ``all-Republican, all the time″ and ``without the intrusion of Democratic attacks and spin.″

Streaming video of convention highlights, in-depth looks at each day’s theme and biographies of keynote speakers will be available daily, from 7:25 p.m. to 11 p.m. EDT, at the party’s Web site at www.gop.org.

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